Press Release: Driver e-mobility e.GO and REHAU conclude strategic partnership

Aachen/Rehau, December 5, 2017 - Cars should become more environmentally friendly and efficient, the market for e-vehicles should finally be gaining momentum. EU commissioners are pushing for stricter regulations on CO2 limits, higher fines and an investment into the Europe-wide charging infrastructure. The creative minds headed by Günther Schuh, professor for machine construction in Aachen and founder of e.GO, are getting on with it: With the e.GO Life they have put a dynamic, attractive and affordable electric vehicle on the road which has caused quite a stir. REHAU, a worldwide successful development partner of the major in-dustry players, is now also a cooperation partner in this forward-looking project.


Electromobility is familiar territory for the experienced automotive supplier headquartered in Rehau/Upper Franconia, as is the RWTH Aachen Campus. "For many years already we have had a very constructive and mutually beneficial partnership," said Dr. Stefan Girschik, Deputy CEO of the REHAU Group. The creative energy and the urge to shape progress is literally palpable at the RWTH Aachen Campus. "This fits in perfectly with our self-image of actively helping to shape the future of mobility as an experienced material specialist and innovative technology expert," emphasizes Girschik. E-mobility, autonomous driving, security, individualization and design as well as Industry 4.0 are all topics and trends that are currently being dealt with.


"Whether industry group or startup - both sides benefit from the opportunities arising from these topics. Not least because synergies in networks can be utilized much faster," enthuses Professor Günther Schuh. He is delighted to welcome REHAU as a partner in his network, which will be even stronger by this means.


The concrete objective in the strategic partnership, in which REHAU cooperates with other renowned companies, is the further development of the e.GO project and a planned cooperation on the e.GO Mover model. The Mover is an universally expandable and deployable minibus, which can be equipped both for local public transport as well as for private and commercial transport use. "The e.GO Mover will also be able to be equipped with assistant and autonomous driving functions," promises Schuh. A first test fleet has been scheduled for July 2018. As an experienced industry expert, REHAU is closely involved in this ambitious project. "The know-how that we contribute covers the entire value chain of the classic automotive supplier company," explains Markus Grundmann, chairman of REHAU Automotive. These are experiences that the creative think tank in Aachen can profit from. "Of course we also benefit from forward-looking mobility concepts within an extremely dynamic network", explains Grundmann. "The knowledge we acquire in turn benefits our customers."


Legislators are also pushing for progress. EU commissioners want new cars to emit 30 percent less carbon dioxide by 2030 across the EU, and a 15 percent reduction is required by 2025. Car manufacturers face heavy fines if they do not comply with the limits. There is no binding quota for electric vehicles yet. But there is an additional incentive: In order to promote the prevalence of electric vehicles, the EU Commission now wants to invest 800 million euros into the expansion of the European charging infrastructure.


e.GO Mobile AG

e.GO Mobile AG is an electric car start-up that develops and manufactures electric vehicles. It is headquartered in the Production Technology Cluster at the RWTH Aachen University Campus. In spring 2015, Prof. Günther Schuh founded the company after launching StreetScooter GmbH back in 2009. The 150 employees at this start-up so far are benefiting from these experiences and are now working in agile teams to meet customer needs and produce electric vehicles inexpensively for short-distance driving.


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Polymer specialist REHAU makes sustainable contributions for the ecological and economic chal-lenges of tomorrow. Over 20,000 highly qualified employees all over the world are committed to this. For almost 70 years, outstanding innovations, the latest production technologies and flexible logis-tics have made the independent family company a forward-looking and reliable partner with exper-tise for almost all economic sectors. Focal topics are mobility, energy-efficient construction, the use of renewable energies, future living and water management.



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