Innovative production
concept for small volume

The use of state-of-the-art production technology such as the driverless transport system enables flexible manufacturing processes, fast and efficient response to changes and improved scalability. This enables us to develop new models such as the Life Sport and Life Cross particularly quickly and cost-effectively and to get them on the road in the shortest possible time.

High-Tech automotive

For our alloy space frame we profit from the most advanced technology in automated welding systems.Due to the proximity of our space frame production to the assembly plant we are able to cut down cycle times and therefore increase efficiency in production.

e.GO Microfactories

Through our philosophy of microfactories instead of megafactories, we are tapping into the global market “local for local” and expanding our production network. The low cost of an additional factory enables us to produce close to the market, even in countries that do not yet have an established automotive industry. Here we are not only pionieers, but also contributing to sustainable production in that market.

Sustainability in production

We are already focusing on sustainability in production and can benefit from renewable energy via the solar panels on the roof of the factory. The short distances between the plant for the frame and the assembly line, as well as our thermoplastic outer skin instead of a paint finish not only reduce costs, but also save CO2.