German Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer, e.GO Mobile, enters a new chapter with the official start of sales of the e.GO Life Next

10. June 2021
German Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer, e.GO Mobile, enters a new chapter with the official start of sales of the e.GO Life Next
  • Company successfully launches sales of its e.GO Life Next
  • First e.GO Life Next sold and a noteworthy part of 2021 production capacity reserved.
  • Company is enhancing its leadership structure as it evaluates the process of a potential public market transaction.
  • Professor Günther Schuh hands over the operational responsibilities to the experienced management board and focuses on new innovations.


Aachen, June 10, 2021 – The German independent electric car manufacturer, Next.e.GO Mobile SE, successfully launched sales of the special edition e.GO Life Next this week in Germany and has already won the trust of first new customers. Start of production in July 2021 is on schedule and delivery of the e.GO Life Next vehicles is planned for this summer. This will position Next.e.GO Mobile SE amongst the very few independent BEV manufacturers globally that are production-ready and have vehicles on the street.


“The launch of the e.GO Life Next is an unforgettable milestone for us at Next.e.GO; not only as it marks the dawn of a new era in the company’s upward journey, but also as it symbolises the collective resolve and effort of hundreds of hardworking colleagues over the past couple of years to make our planet a more sustainable place. e.GO Life, one of the most sustainable urban BEVs, is designed and built by the brightest minds in Germany to deliver true lifecycle sustainability  with practicality and purpose,” says Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board at Next.e.GO Mobile SE.


In parallel with its international growth efforts, the company has begun evaluating the process of potential public market transaction. To that end, it is enhancing its leadership structure to reflect its successful transition from a start up to a production-ready e-mobility enterprise. As part of this process, the founder Professor Günther Schuh handed over the operational management of the company to the experienced leadership team consisting of the Managing Directors and the Board as of June 1, 2021. Prof. Schuh will focus on new innovations along with his academic activities at RWTH Aachen University and remains associated with the company as founder and shareholder.


Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Next.e.GO Mobile SE, headquartered in Aachen, is a manufacturer of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility systems. On the RWTH Aachen Campus, 400 employees of Next.e.GO Mobile SE use the unique network of science and business with 420 technology companies as well as a comprehensive research infrastructure. Agile teams are working on various cost-effective and particularly durable electric vehicles for short-distance traffic.



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