What drives us?

  • that our planet needs our collective help!
  • that we are all responsible to contribute to reducing the greenhouse gases with choices we make.
  • that true environmental sustainability is not achieved just by changing the fuel choice or from ICE to BEV, but through a number of smart choices.
  • that mining of raw materials for battery production must be justified by the greenhouse gases saved by the electric vehicle over an extended product life cycle.
  • that using oversized batteries in view of significant underutilization, whether in standing traffic or metropolitan mobility, is not responsible nor sustainable.
  • that EV adoption takes place when the user experience is surpassed by an unmatched driving experience and convenience in use.
  • that driving the adoption of carbon-free mobility is only possible when everybody who wants to drive a sustainable EV can access one.
  • that the enormous factories with huge pollution and GHG do no longer resonate with the ecological considerations of our times.
  • … and that we, at Team-e.GO, have a responsibility!

What does e.GO stand for?

We, a new generation of independent EV manufacturers and our customers, want to see a meaningful change. A change that needs to take place in the urban environment first. And we are ready to help drive that change… A change that you can drive home!

e.GO stands for creating the most sustainable city Electric Vehicle from durable, renewable and reusable material and with more efficient processes.

e.GO stands for a new generation of products that are smart yet easy to use, sophisticated yet functional, and versatile yet sustainable. Products with no strings attached!

e.GO stands for the next generation production systems. The 5G-ready Internet of Production, enabling decentralized growth and cyber-physical twin micro factories.

e.GO stands for factories of the future, that are environmentally and economically more sustainable. That not only have a lower carbon footprint, but also enhance the economic value add by including communities and creating opportunities.

e.GO stands for a digital platform that helps seamlessly integrate the production cycle, the product cycle and the user cycle.

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Intelligent, connected and sustainable: e.GO's Microfactory

Sustainable next-generation vehicles are primarily the result of the capabilities of next-generation production systems. Every e.GO Life is a product of a smart connected Microfactory. Our Microfactory is one of the first to be ready for 5G technology. It is part of a digital platform that we call IoP – the “Internet of Production”. On this IoP-platform, all processes in the production cycle, in the development cycle during product innovation, and in the user cycle of the utilization phase are fully integrated.

The Internet of Production thus controls and stores the history of every move and part, from vehicle creation to reconditioning and renewal. This platform is thus a prerequisite for an ecological circular economy in which manufacturers take responsibility for their ecological footprint at every stage of the product cycle.

The twin of this next-generation smart digital production is intelligent product design: the unique construction of the e.GO is based on an aluminum spaceframe, which until now has only been used for luxury vehicles or in racing. Like a Formula 1 racing car, an e.GO therefore does not need a self-sustained steel body. This not only increases the safety and rigidity of the vehicle, but also eliminates the most expensive, energy- and resource-intensive processes compared with traditional vehicle production, namely the paint shop and steel press shop.

The days of enormous factories that are only profitable when more than hundredthousands of vehicles are produced simply no longer fit our times. The Microfactory is therefore not only an answer to the economic but also to the ecological questions of our time. At e.GO, growth through increased sales derives from market demand and not from the need to utilize the capacity of an environmentally irresponsible mass production.


Dr. Christian Steinborn Executive Vice President Strategic Cooperations
Win Neidlinger Executive Vice President Corporate Finance
IR DEPARTMENT ir@e-go-mobile.com