Works with what you have

Charge your e.GO Life at home. You can take full advantage of the low costs of charging with your household electricity rate or optimally with locally generated electricity. Conveniently, the e.GO Life can be charged at any household power outlet.

If you want to charge your e.GO Life more comfortably, quickly and safely, you can use the e.GO Wallbox home with an integrated charging cable.

e.GO Wallbox home - perfect for your Life

With a wallbox, you can charge your electric vehicle easily and conveniently at home. Our new e.GO Wallbox home offers you valuable advantages:

  • Easy handling – plug in and charge
  • Integrated charging cable
  • Shortened charging time
  • Protected charging process
  • Installation in the garage or outside
  • Affordable charging with your household electricity


*Currently, sales are only possible in Germany.

Convenient, safe & fast charging

  • Charging power of up to 11 kW is already available for future vehicle generations of the e.GO family
  • 50% faster compared to charging at a household socket.
  • The maximum charging power of the e.GO Life is 3.7 kW (230 V, 16 A, single-phase)
  • Simple installation by a qualified electrician
  • Can be extended with an access restriction (e.g. key switch)

Charge up your Life - wherever you want!

Over 33,000 public charging points in Germany.

Take advantage of tax benefits - and increase the attractiveness of your employer

Take advantage of tax benefits now and charge at your employer’s premises when you spend your time there during the day.


Electricity charged free of charge at the employer’s premises is not considered a non-cash benefit for tax purposes. In addition, particularly favorable conditions for electric vehicles apply to company car taxation.