Edison: e.GO Life electrifies care service

Edison: e.GO Life electrifies care service

Edison: e.GO Life electrifies care service

Sustainability aspects were the deciding factor in the sale of 13 small electric cars to a care service from the Bergisches Land region.

The 50 employees of the Rötzel outpatient care service in Windecker Ländchen travel a maximum of 60 kilometers by car every day. During the eight to ten customer visits, dressings have to be changed, meals prepared and other assistance provided. There is often not much time left at a station. Most of the time, they move on after just half an hour - to the next home visit, to the next nursing case. The daily routine has to be perfectly organized, the vehicle has to work reliably and offer at least a few conveniences: a large driver’s door, comfortable seats, easy operation, and - very important - a large cup holder: the caregivers drink their first coffee in the car early in the morning.


“The car is perfect for us,” Rötzel explained in an interview with EDISON. Not only because of the large, wide-opening doors, the almost silent and economical drive, and the electrically heated windshield. But also and especially because of the lightweight, unpainted plastic body: “There’s no need to worry about scratches - in our line of work, that plays no small role.”

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