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You want to make the world more ecological and sustainable? You want to be mobile with your innovative city car? You believe a car brand should rather focus on the environment than on mass production?

Be part of our e.GO community that shares the same values and strives for the goal of sustainable mobility together.

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Our revolutionary approach to development and production means that the e.GO Life can be produced very economically . Your wallet will feel the benefits when switching from a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, especially when using your e.GO Life. An electric motor is more than twice as efficient as an internal combustion engine. That means that more of the precious energy is actually used rather than being converted into heat; what’s more, most of the energy is even recovered during the braking process. Since the price of fuel is also significantly higher than that of electricity, charging a battery can save up to two thirds of the costs compared to refilling a fuel tank. The e.GO Life not only makes e-mobility affordable, but nowadays can also be the most attractive transportation option in terms of total costs.