Current information about the environmental bonus

Current information about the environmental bonus

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Environmental bonus
The environmental bonus for electric vehicles that are on the list of eligible vehicles of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) at the time of application consists of a state share (federal share) paid by BAFA ( and a manufacturer share, provided the vehicle is registered after 03.06.2020 and by 31.12.2022. As of 17.10.2022, there is still no final certainty about the amount of the environmental bonus for vehicles registered from 01.01.2023.

Manufacturer’s share
For the manufacturer’s share, we expect a reduction in the subsidy amount for battery-electric vehicles compared to the current subsidy amount in the event of a decision by the German government to continue the environmental bonus. We currently expect a manufacturer share of €2,250.00 (net) for all vehicles registered from 01.01.2023. This manufacturer’s share is therefore shown indicatively in the binding order. We reserve the right to adjust the manufacturer’s share upwards or downwards in accordance with the decision taken by the Federal Government.

Federal share
The e.wave X vehicle is currently in the application process with the responsible authority (BAFA). One of the preconditions for the granting of the federal share is the inclusion of the models on BAFA’s list of eligible vehicles. We also expect the federal share to be reduced.

The aforementioned information applies according to the Federal Government, as far as the promotion sum is not completely exhausted as environmental bonus. From September 1, 2023, the above applies only to private individuals; source: BAFA

It should be noted that further changes/reductions in bonus payments may be made by the federal government. Next.e.GO Sales & Services GmbH will not compensate for a lower federal share of the environmental bonus, so that the difference must be borne by the buyer himself.