Become part of the mobility of the future - now!



Become part of the mobility of the future - now!

Suppliers like you are essential for us to successfully shape the mobility of the future. Suppliers who, just like us and our customers, place high demands on the quality of the product and the sustainability of production. Only together with you, your competence and performance, can we guarantee success in terms of quality, costs, innovation and service.

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customer-supplier relationship

We value fair and long-term customer-supplier relationships. Join us on our journey - for sustainable mobility without negative impacts on society and the environment. Fair and trusting cooperation with responsible suppliers all over the world is the basis for our success.
Become part of our supplier network!

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You can become part of our global supplier network as a potential supplier. The prerequisite is the fulfillment of necessary requirements. If these requirements are met, you are welcome to submit an unsolicited application for a possible cooperation.

You would like to cooperate with us? Apply now! Please send your completed supplier self-assessment (see download) to our purchasing team: . We will check your request and if you meet our requirements, we will contact you afterwards. We ask for your understanding that not every application leads to a cooperation with us.

Supplier Cloud

Our supplier cloud is a source of information and a special working tool. To access the cloud, you must be a Next.e.GO Mobile SE supplier with access to the cloud. To get access to the cloud, please contact your contact person.