EV maker Next.e.GO goes public on the Nasdaq

EV maker Next.e.GO goes public on the Nasdaq

Next.e.GO Mobile, a German-based EV manufacturer, is going public on Friday via a de-SPAC transaction with Athena Technology Acquisition Corp—a type of merger that involves a SPAC acquiring a private company and thereby taking the company public. The company’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq and are trading under the “EGOX” ticker. E.GO joins several other EV makers that have gone public in recent years, including Polestar, Lucid, and Rivian.


As for the specifics, e.GO’s manufacturing plants are “super unique and enhanced with AI and robotics, which allows us to replicate the process at a fraction of the cost,” says Vezvaei.

He explains that while traditional automakers utilize a huge amount of energy, space, and resources to build vehicles, along with a four-pronged approach to building vehicles, “we’ve removed two steps from the process,” replacing them with robotics to build a vehicle’s aluminum-based chassis in mere minutes. From there, it hits an assembly line, and “it’s basically the iPhone story”—“there’s a frame and everything is plugged and put in.”


But Vezvaei is adamant that e.GO is pushing the envelope in an evolving industry. “We are not just another EV company adding to the noise, or trying to get across the finish line [by going public],” he says. “Our main focus is production technology. We have EV tech that we believe is the right fit for the current time, along with super unique production tech,” he says.

The bottom line? E.GO can “provide cities and urban environments with a product designed to be affordable and sustainable,” Vezvaei says.

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