Instant loans

via OneFor by Younited

Instant loans

via OneFor by Younited

Finance your e.GO by applying for an instant personal loan provided by Younited via OneFor app.
By applying for a personal loan up to 50,000 Euro you can finance your e.GO today. With fast processing time and flexible repayment period you can the driving pleasure of your e.GO and manage your loan 100% online.
Take advantage of an instant loan now and get your dream car quickly.

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Instant loans

up to € 50,000

Everything at a glance
Loan amountbetween € 1,000 and € 50,000
Fixed debit interest ratebetween 1.87% and 13.17%
Effective annual interest ratebetween 1.89% and 13.99%
Repayment periodbetween 6 and 84 months
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*Example: Net loan amount of 10,000€, total amount 13,288,33€, monthly installments 183.04€, 72 installments, term 72 months, fixed borrowing rate 6.87%, annual percentage rate of charge 9.99%.

More aboutOneFor?

Germany-based OneFor Holding GmbH is an innovative fintech company that offers various digital financial and money applications and technical services, including account, payment, trading, loans, and card services. It enjoys a partnership with Mastercard International that is supporting its card offering. OneFor enables a borderless family account, turning single transactions into moments of connection, creating shared experiences, and increasing financial inclusion that fuels economic development. As a pan-European start-up, OneFor has teams in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and several countries in South-eastern Europe.

Your advantages with OneFor at a glance:

  • Fast
    Instant in-app money transfers both within and outside EU. Sending and receiving money around the world in a blink, takes only 0,2 seconds. In partnership with Younited Credit we provide instant customer loans available for customers in Germany via OneFor app. 100% online process and quick credit decision.

  • Affordable
    We employ transparent & affordable pricing methodologies. Most of the services do not have either one-time or recurrent fees (no account opening fee, no maintenance fee, no fees on incoming transfers, no fees on card payments, no fees on in-app transactions within EU, no loan application fee etc.).

  • Secure
    We use state-of-the art technology and security features in our app and cards, through our in-house proprietary technology or worldwide known partners. Additional control mechanisms are offered to the user in-app (personalizing card limits, blocking the card, two-step reveal of virtual card numbers, etc.).


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